Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Daniel Fast

Today we are writing about something that is happening in our lives that to us, is both unique and special.  No, its not about the adoption of our boys, although that certainly qualifies as unique and special to us.  This is a very unique experience in which Karen,  Julie, (our 22 yr old) Jeffrey (our 10 year old) and I have been participating for the last 10 days.  Its called a Daniel Fast.  Fasting is not new to us we have long used the practice of fasting to discern the times and seasons, as well as, provide valuable direction for living.   Its something Karen and I do when we need to calm our mind, emotions, body and spirit down when things in life are whirling too fast.  However, Fasting as a family and the Daniel Fast in particular is new to us.
Daniel, as you know, fasted all pleasurable foods and ate basically fruits and veggies or anything coming from a seed for 21 days.  The results were extremely powerful for Daniel and actually changed the course of a nation.  We weren't necessarily trying to change a nation, but we did feel some struggles needing a little extra to resolve.  So beginning April 19th, we began this journey. Eating only fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and drinking water. Basically, fasting meats and sweets. What a journey it has been. 
We are now on Day 11 of our Daniel Fast.  It has been a huge blessing for us.  We feel better physically, mentally and spiritually.  There have been times when we wanted to take the easy way out and just order pizza, but Karen has diligently prepared foods each day that were consistent with our fast.  There is an excitement about what we're doing and more importantly, what God is doing in our lives that permeates our home.  We can sense that something special is happening and we look forward to completing the next 10 days strong, as our physical health is strengthened, our mental functions  made sharper, and our spirits being fine tuned to Heaven's frequency!  

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Walk a Thon Fundraiser

It has been a while since we last posted.  We have been diligently fulfilling what seems to be an unending wave of paperwork.  We don't want to the belabor the point of paperwork, in fears that we might dissuade others who may be considering adoption, but keep in mind that many parts of our adoption are doubled because we are adopting 2 children.  Otherwise, we're making progress, having completed 10 hours of online parent training per Hague Treaty Agreement, gathered numerous documents and completed numerous forms.  

Yesterday was the Walk a Thon and it was wonderful!  Thank you Torie, who  organized, conducted  and raised money for us! It was wonderful to go to Wrightsville Beach and participate in the event.  It continues to blow our minds how God has brought so many others into this process to bless and encourage us.  We hope to have all of our home study  completed very soon.

Until next time...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Walk a Thon Fundraiser

We have been blessed to have a local high school senior choose us to participate in her senior project. She has been working on her project for quite some time. The project is on adoption and she is hosting a  Walk a Thon to raise funds for our adoption. We are honored and blessed to be a part of it and hope to get a big turn out for her as well. Here are the details:
Walk for Adoption! Torie's senior project.
Wrightsville Beach Loop
Saturday April 24th 9:00 AM
This is a beautiful walk on Wrightsville Beach, the weather will be perfect and this is a great time to get out and enjoy the area and the company. Come walk the loop with friends and help us bring our boys home! You can get sponsors ahead of time or bring donations on the day of the walk, or you can donate through paypal.