Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Nation of Good News?

Today we wake up to bad news in this nation.  Its a common thing if you make it a habit to tune into the mainstream news.  One day its Washington politics, another day its the economy.  Seems like somebody is always mad about something.  Today, its Ferguson, Missouri.  But its not just Ferguson.  Its everything that reminds us of our nation's wounds that run so deep and so poignant that it threatens to split this country wide open like a pumpkin dropped off the end of a pickup truck!  People are choosing up sides like a playground pickup game.  It seems that this great nation finds itself with bad news upon bad news.  

But today, I read something that inspired me.  A read about a nation defined not by the latest political scandal or riot or body count or an illness that drives us to the Internet to purchase hazmat suits.  But rather, talk about a nation bearing  "Good News and  healing".  Hey, we need some of that!  I'm in!  I'm tired of all this bickering, finger pointing and chaos.  

So what is this nation of Good News?  Well, here's what I know.  This nation once sent its best representative to us sometime about this time of year. Every once in a while you still see signs and decorations commemorating this representative.  But what about this nation is so good?  Well how about this?  It starts with the fact that everyone is welcome.  Seriously?  Yeah, this nation boasts that "all who will come are welcome".  Its arms are wide open to everyone!  There is no distinction between race, gender, socio-economic status or any other label that keeps us locked into our prides and prejudices and all the anger, malice and angst that go with it.  It is a nation where a man will take a beating before knowingly wronging another and even give up his life if it means that another will live free of tyranny and oppression.  This nation is a place where everything you ever did that was wrong can be forgiven and wiped away.  No more more condemnation.  Its like all those heavy emotional bags that we humans lug around simply fad into obscurity!  It’s a nation whose citizens are loved, cared for and even blessed.  A nation that has its own economy where interest and dividends are guaranteed in direct proportion not to your gathering, but to your giving!  Law and order are its guiding principles while at the same time all citizens of this nation are soaked in grace.  It’s a nation where healing is available and health is promised.  A powerful lion fiercely guards the nation and stands ready to drive back any and all foes who threaten its citizens.   But at the same time it’s a nation so gentle, so kind, so imbued with peace that a lion and a lamb can be found napping together.  Abundance flows in its valleys and fruitful herds roam its countryside.  Wow!  Now that is Good News!  

So where did I find this inspiration this morning?  It was in the Bible in the book of Matthew (4:23).  Jesus is that representative who came not only to tell us about this Good News but to show us this Good News with His very life. He walked about healing the sick, letting the oppressed go free, and declaring innocence to those who were guilty as sin.  Everything He touched found new life and everything He taught inspired others to live the life.  And if that wasn't enough He did something unheard-of-crazy!  Remember that part about the nation where one would even die for the freedoms of another?  Well He did it!.  Jesus offered up His very life in order that each citizen of this nation may flourish.  And in doing so, He made a way that all who chose to believe may have citizenship with all its benefits!

So today, as you read about all that's wrong in this world, remind yourself that there is something left that is Good!  Until we talk again...