Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Adoption T-shirts

The New T-Shirt designs are available! Thanks to a dear friend who designed them for us! Check them out by clicking on our Cafepress shop at the right and then click on "Adoption Shirts" to see all the designs available. Not only will you have a nice shirt to wear with a great message that will help others understand adoption but you will be helping us bring our boys home as well. Thanks for looking!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Timelines and Fundraisers....

At some point, you know that the pace is going to pick up.  After spending 6-8 weeks feeling static and like we'd hit a wall, a recent email unclogged all the pipes in an instant.  In that email, we were informed that we are on a time line for getting our boys.  While we knew that special needs adoptions were a little different, we were unaware that our time line was coming up so soon.   Now, its a daunting task of raising money, not just for one adoption, but for two.  We have pulled out all the stops as we will be raising almost $40,000 in the next 8 weeks!  While this stretches our faith in ways that we've never done before, we know in our hearts that our path has been ordered and our Father will provide.  So we're rolling up our sleeves and focusing on the task at hand. 
If you've adopted, you probably know where we're at right now.  If you haven't, you probably wonder why we would put ourselves through it.  All we can say is, every time we see the boys pictures or view the video of them, we know they are to be part of our family.  All we know is, God never says the journey is "reasonable".  Being "reasonable" about things simply means you're running on your own resources and He's nowhere in the equation.  We know the journey is accompanied by something that goes far beyond your own personal comfort and pushes you into the vast domain of faith!  It is a faith that offers a strange combination of excitement, fear, love, loneliness, comfort, panic, peace, and joy all rolled up into one Divinely blessed experience!   Perhaps you could help us?  Would you consider helping us reach the goal of $40,000 raised by April 30th?  You can give by clicking the button to the right of the blog.

We are hitting the fundraisers hard also, first up is a chicken dinner through our church. If you are local to us why not help support the Adoption Ministry! Be a part of forever changing the life of a child. Express the gift of love shared from one heart to another. Plan to eat lunch with us on the 26th For more info call (910) 285-1977. Your support is greatly appreciated! BARBECUE CHICKEN **BAKED BEANS**POTATO SALAD**DESSERT $5 a plate.

Also, you can still support us by shopping through our Cafepress shop (link at right). And coming soon T-shirts! Adorable adoption shirts will be added to the Cafepress shop soon. Check them out and Help us bring our boys homes.

If you have adopted or raised money for adoption, Please share with us what worked for you. What fundraisers did you use? What was most successful? We would love to hear from you.
Until we write again...